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This course goes over the specifics of scanning a damaged space for insurance purposes. We learn what to prioritize in the capture, how thorough the data needs to be, and the reasons why, including examples of the next steps in the pipeline.

VTS is partnering with Talon Aerolytics to capture telecom data across the rooftops of New York City. This course details the data needed, the purpose of the project, the method of capture and delivery, and a virtual handbook of best practices. 

Cupix is a state-of-the-art software platform helping architects, engineers, contractors, and facilities management modernize their workflow. Cupix Works digital twin solution connects construction teams to the jobsite and each other, improving construction project workflow and elevating project completion costs.

VTS is proud to train it’s business partners to ensure the strongest service offerings for our clients. We invite you to participate and contribute to any of the many Reality Capture courses we have available covering every platform we currently offer in the field.

This training course is an introduction to working in the VTS back office. We will go over the basics of deliverables for our insurance clients, called "Restoration Workflow," as well as the basics of point cloud stitching in ReCap, FARO Scene, and Leica Cyclone. 

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